Shopping,sushi and a SoHo Sunset

I met up with some friends from high school tonight for a much needed sushi/gossip dinner.  I started by wasting time at REI trying with all my might to spend my gift cards.  I managed to spend one of my giftcards but I still don’t have a winter coat.  The next stop was the book store where I found a book for my up coming flight to San Diego and a $4 cook book!  I pulled out more recipes and now I’m up to 307 in the jar.

I also hit the grocery store on that side of town.  It’s weird shopping at a store you’ve rarely been in.  Nothing’s in the place where it’s supposed to be and it this case quite a bit more expensive than my home town shop.  Oh well live and learn.  I did how ever find a tri tip!  I can’t ever find them when I want them and I was assured by the butcher that they are stocked year round.

Sushi was a shrimp tempura roll and an asparagas roll both yummy but neither are very good for you.  The sushi was fantastic and so was the SoHo Sunset which is lychee vodka and grapefruite juice?  Who knows what it’s made out of but its the first thing I order every time.


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