January 17th to 23rd

on this weeks menu

Monday  chicken prima.

It’s my own recipe and it’s pretty basic but it’s cheap easy and fantastic!!

Tuesday  Left overs!

I have a freezer full of stuff that for some reason I’m not eating for lunches… and after all that was the goal as part of this project!

Wed:  Cheese from cheesers and maybe some ice cream.  Wed  night is knit night and it just so happens to be next to the cheese shop in Stoughton.  I usually get a small bag of cheese curds and a rootbeer and even though it sounds like a weird combination it doesn’t taste that bad!

Thursday:  A sub from Rock’n Rolls.  I have to pack for vacation tomorrow!  Rock’n Rolls has the 2nd best sub rolls around Madison, Milio’s has the first.  I just can’t get enough of that French bread!

Friday:  San Diego is having their restaurant week this week so I made Megan and I reservations at Water Grille.  It had the best menu in the Gas Lamp District so lets hope it lives up to the hype!

Next week I’m in SD for the majority of the week and then it’s Madison’s restaurant week and my birthday so there will be no blogging.  I can’t wait for my mom and dad to try out Samba’s Brazilian Grill!


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