February 1 to 5th

Monday: Pigs in a blanket.  I know, totally not gourmet and definitely  not adult but every so often a girl really needs a fat free cheesey turkey dog wrapped in a fat free crescent roll.  Yeah I know what you are thinking… holy over processed lips and bungholes man but really a girl can only gourmet so many meals in one week.

Tuesday:  fettuccine with fresh herbs.  Well as fresh of herbs as you can get the first week in February in Wisconsin.  The pasta was on sale so I did get to splurge a bit with the herbs.  Fresh oregano, Italian parsley and basil, toss on a bit of olive oil and some roasted grape tomatoes and it turns into a fantastic simple meal.

Wed: Stuffed Salmon with a wedge salad and then a truffle bender.  I made 2 different kind of truffles.  The first was the Cookie Dough Truffles from Pioneer Woman’s Tastey Kitchen website.  Those things are like CRACK!!  The 2nd truffle was espresso and dark chocolate, my basic truffle recipe with no embellishments what so ever.  I love basic hand rolled truffles.  The best part of the whole night was I had one of each and then gave them all away to my co-workers!  No leftovers of chocolatey goodness to tempt me at home!  

Thursday:  Sushi Murimoto.  Sigh how I  love my sushi and my gossip sessions with my friend Tanya.

Friday:  Paul Revere’s pizza.  Pizza good, cheese bread horrifically disgusting.

Saturday:  Breakfast:  chocolate covered peanuts and a coke.  Totally not making that up.  It was road trip food because I couldn’t find the damn coffee machine at the gas station on I94.  Seriously a gas station with no visible coffee machine.

Saturday Lunch:  Olive Garden.  I took my nephew out for lunch after his basketball game and the kid piled away a full plate of ravioli while I ate 3 medallions of meat and about 1/10th of my pasta.  I guess he was hungry!!


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