why no photo’s?

Because in one quick shut of the door I managed to ruin  not only my cell phone screen but also my point and shoot.  Yup 50% of anything in my house that has technology was busted just by shutting the car door and the best part is????  I did this on December 31st, the last freaking day of the year. 

Well the phone still works but the camera doesn’t have a view, only an LCD display and that’s ruined so you can’t exactly tell what kind of pictures you are going to get and you can’t tell if the flash is on or what setting the thing is on.  So ever since Dec 31st I’ve been looking for new LCD’s on ebay ( can’t find any that match) and doing research on new Digital SLR cameras.  I found one that I want in my price range ( Nikon d 3000) and one that I really want that’s pretty far out of my price range (Nikon D90).  So my problem is do I get the D3000 now and just get it over with or do I save up for a bit and get the D90.  Decisions decisions.  I am however still going to comb ebay to find a LCD for my point and shoot because a friend said she could get her husband to replace it for beer or a box of GU gels!


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